Wednesday, December 3, 2008


These are Ty's buddies. They are not in his class they are actually in the four year old class. It amazes me he is just as tall as the four year olds. We had a great time at Ty's thanksgiving feast at his preschool. They sang some cute songs so I included one of them! They grow so fast it amazes me.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cute little rash.....ooops!

My in-laws are visiting this week from Colorado and my mother-in-law wanted to cook some Salmon. So we had Salmon on the grill and it was amazing. I am not generally a fan of Salmon but it was really good. Aubrey was pounding the Salmon and Ty loved it too. Aubrey was on her 3rd plate when I asked Ryan to wipe her mouth because it was really messy. It was then that I realized it was not messing she was swelling. She was ANGRY when I took her plate away and I tried to keep my composure as I checked her out. Everyone was asking me questions and I just said I need to examine her and make sure she is ok. As I looked at her she continued to get redder. Her lips were starting to swell and her cheeks got more intense. I fortunatly have a neighbor for a doctor(thanks Chris) and we walked over and immediately he knew something was up. We were calm cool and collected but he made us hang out for a few minutes and things started getting better. It was the most unique experience of my life. Poor Aubrey no Omega 3 Fat for you!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The stick to it mom!

So sometimes we have those times of... did I do the right thing... and this morning was one of them. I was out and about with Ty and Aubrey and we were checking out at a store and Ty was asking me for something and I looked over and he had opened the ENTIRE roll of Bubblegum Tape. I said ok I guess I am buying this. I looked at him and said because you did not ask first before you opened the gum there will be no gum. He was devastated and made a huge scene. I stuck to my guns (no pun intended) and insisted that he stop making a spectacle of himself and me and that he was not getting any gum. We got in the car and I proceeded to explain to him had he asked me first before he opened the gum he would be enjoying the gum right then. By the way I had the lady in the store throw the whole thing away to prove me point. We talked about how his job is to listen and obey and how I have to be obedient to the Lord even when I don't want to! I explained to him the magnitude of what happened and he was so sorry. He said " I am so sorry can I have some gum now?" I laughed inside but said no and the tears and screams started again. You know piece of me just wanted to give him the gum to shut him up but the stubborn person I am stuck to it and he still has had no gum. You know being a good mom is not always fun. It requires hard work and a strong spirit. I called my husband and told him what happened to get some sort of encouragement and all he said was "I LOVE YOU!" Those 3 little words were like a bandaid to my soul. He then expanded and told me how much he appreciated me and that I did the right thing. I know Ty is not happy with me right now but later in life I believe he will be thankful. Lord please continue to give me the strength to be a light in this dark world.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ty has Rhythm

Another Cute performance by Ty Broughton at the summer VBS presentation. More pictures to come from the Summit Church VBS.

Ty at his first Vacation Bible School.

Ty went to his first vacation bible school at Tabernacle in Raleigh and had the time of his life. It was during the day so it gave mom a break and it was a great time. Here are some recaps.

So he has a blast as you will be able to see in this video. I think my favorite part is when the song is over he goes into his football player stance. Don't know where he got thay but it is so cute! We also had snowballs there afterwards and Aubrey got to enjoy some too!

Uh Oh Brother Got me!

So I went upstairs to switch over laundary and heard a scream and crying. I ran down the stairs to find Aubrey in tears. I asked Ty "What Happened?" And he said "the stairs ate sissy!" I said "what do you mean?" he said "the stairs ate Sissy!" I replied with "Did you push her down the stairs?" He answered "just a little bit..." So what he meant was "I pushed her down the stairs and she ate the stairs on the way down." Poor Aubrey! By the way it was only 2 stairs!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The prayers of my little man....

Ty says the cutest prayers every night it just kills me to hear them. His prayers typically go like this:
Dear God thank you for your blessings, Lord thank you for your heart, thank you for my sins, oh lord forgive me of my sins. Jesus thank you for dying on the cross for me. Thank you for my friends, thank you for mommy, daddy, and sissy(now he is calling her Aubs). Please give me good sleep so I wake up a happy boy...and it the morning I will have breakfast, Orange juice, and my vitamins. Thank you for Leslie(who is the music associates wife who Ty is in love with) and help her baby feel better.(By the way she does not have a baby and is not pregnant to my knowledge) In Jesus name AMEN!

I love to hear him pray but I love to hear his heart most of all. He has been going to a Vacation Bible School this week during the morning and he loved it. They are having a program tonight and Ty said he had been practicing and that he was going to be singing tonight. I can't believe how big my kids are getting. It kills me to think that one day they will be grown and have kids of their own. I am treasuring each moment I get with them. These ages with the kids right now are so fun and exciting. Thank you God for giving me the most amazing children. Help me to teach them how to love you and follow you all the days of their lives.